How to Measure for Drapery


Measuring for drapery can seem complicated, but once you know what everything means you should be good to go!

First, measure the "width" of your window, including the frame of the window.

Next, measure the "stack", aka how far beyond your window you would like your rod to extend.

BONUS TIP: We recommend extending your rod 8" - 12" on the left and right side to help make your windows appear larger. If you have more space available, feel free to extend your rod 15” - 20” on either side to make a drapery statement!

Your "width" & "stack" added together will be the overall width that you order.

No need to factor in for “fullness”, as we account for that automatically on our end.


Next, measure the length of your drapery by measuring from the bottom of your drapery rod to the floor. If your rod has rings, please measure from the bottom of the ring eyelet to the floor.

BONUS TIP: We recommend mounting your rod 8” - 10” above your window frame to maximize the feeling of height in your room. 

Want more in-depth directions? Check out these instructions (opens a PDF).


Need some step-by-step guidance? No problem!

Schedule a design consultation with us where we can walk you through the measuring process step by step, all over video - free of charge!

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