Do you need help with your measurements... Please schedule a free courtesy call with one of our stylists for measurement, design and product ideas and help.

Here at Loom, we want it to be as easy as possible to order and install custom window treatments yourself! While some complex projects may be better off left to the professional installers, our products are intended to be simple to order and install without sacrificing any of the high-end details. Most orders can be placed and installed yourself with a little bit of Loom know-how.

DIY Measuring Guides

Check out our step-by-step window treatment measurement guides for the simplest measuring directions around. Be sure to use a metal measuring tape (not a cloth tape or ruler) and to measure all windows even if they look the same. Take measurements at the left, right, and center of each window as ceilings and floors are often uneven. If you run into any snags, contact a Stylist and we’ll get you on your way.

DIY Installation Guides

If you opt to do your own installation, rather than hire a pro (we knew you could do it!) you can find detailed installation instructions for all of our window treatments below. 



If you've checked out our measure & install guides and are still stumped, don't hesitate to contact a stylist with any questions that you may have! We would be happy to help.

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