Affordable Drapery Hardware


At Loom Decor, we offer affordable custom drapery hardware that fits your budget.

Our hardware is proudly made in America and shipped to you within 1 - 4 weeks.

French Return Hardware

French Return hardware is a popular yet timeless option for your drapery.

What is French Return drapery hardware? A French Return rod curves directly into the wall, and does not use finials. These two characteristics gives a simplistic yet timeless look. French Returns allow your drapery to reach the end of the drapery rod and minimizes light gaps that normally appear with standard hardware.

The best part? Our French Return hardware is affordable and shipped to you, fast!

Adjustable Hardware

Loom Decor's Adjustable Hardware is our most cost-effective and flexible option.

Adjustable drapery hardware offers ultimate flexibility with an adjustable drapery rod that retracts and extends to fit your windows exactly. This is the perfect option for anyone that is concerned about measurements or wants to move drapery from space to space!

Custom Cut Hardware

Elevate your space with designer quality drapery rods that are custom cut for a perfect fit.

At Loom Decor, we offer an exclusive line of custom cut drapery rods, finials, rings and wands.

These hardware options are available in Antique Brass, Black, Steel, Bronze, and Satin Nickel.

Each drapery rod is custom cut to exactly the length you need, and includes all necessary brackets, splices, finials and rings. No need to figure those details out on your own!

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