• Our Drapery Hardware

    Our Drapery Hardware
    When ordering the custom drapery of your dreams from Loom Decor, there are certainly lots of elements to consider! Choosing the perfect, high quality fabric(s) to use in your new window fixtures is, of course, the most exciting part of the process (don’t forget your swatches!), but choosing the proper mounting style and hardware for your custom made curtains is equally important. Hardware adds...
  • The Linens of Loom for Summer

    The Linens of Loom for Summer
    It’s time to put the heavy velvet, polyester, and canvas bedding and curtains in storage for the season in favor of light and breezy alternatives. Light, durable, timeless, and ultra breathable, linen is the ideal fabric for summer. Not only do lightweight fabrics trap less heat than their heavyweight counterparts, but they also give your home a welcoming and delicate atmosphere. Here at Loom...
  • Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Woven Wood Shades

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    Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Woven Wood Shades
    In the 2020s, interior decor has gravitated toward welcoming a more eclectic and nature-inspired look into our homes. Botanical prints, earthy tones, and contrasting textures have taken the front row seat in on-trend design choices- and we can’t say we’re upset about that! Nothing speaks to all of these elements quite like woven wood roman shades, also known as matchstick shades or natural shades....
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