Designer Spotlight: Harpeth Home

Step into the design world of Baylee, or as you may know her on Instagram: @harpeth.home

Collaborating closely with Baylee, we brought her window treatment vision to life, seamlessly integrating functional drapery into her already curated serene and stylish nursery.

Get the Loom Look:

Drapery - Euro Pleat, with Blackout Lining, in our Baldwin Grass fabric.

Bolster Pillows - size 8” x 24”, in our Baldwin Grass fabric.

Crib Skirt - custom Crib Skirt, in our Baldwin Grass fabric.

We had a wonderful chat with Baylee regarding her design styles. Below, you'll find her insightful answers that shed light on her creative process and inspiration.

Question 1: Where do you find design inspiration?

Answer: When I begin a new design project, I often find myself searching for inspiration in natural landscapes. The Carolina Lowcountry embodies such a soft, understated elegance that I consistently revisit to draw inspiration from. The delightful shades of green and blue found organically in this absolutely beautiful stretch of coastal terrain evoke an indescribable sense of peace, and I try my best to incorporate that serenity in each space I design.

Question 2: How do you define your design style?

Answer: If I were to describe my design style in three words, I would say that it is classic, coastal, and collected. In my book, traditional interiors will always be in style! I love when homes reflect the craftsmanship and attention to detail that was perfected for centuries and continues to stand the test of time. Even in a new build home, I love adding custom touches to incorporate an old world feel. Of course, you can never go wrong with a light color palette and hints of soothing hues. I feel that the coastal style best expresses this approach to the colors and textures I choose for a design. In addition to those practices, I am always on the hunt for collected pieces to fill a space! I comb through antique and thrift stores religiously for timeless, one of a kind pieces that knit together a home’s unique story.

Question 3: Why did you pick the Euro Pleat style drapery and our Baldwin Fabric?

Answer: The first thing I notice when I walk into a room is the drapery. Quality, custom drapes can be an investment, but choosing a timeless fabric and fabulous header can make any room look professionally designed! For our nursery, I chose the “Baldwin” fabric that features a classic ticking stripe pattern that is playful enough for a little boy, but can adapt and grown with his bedroom as he does. The Euro Pleat style is my personal favorite, as it features a traditional, pinch pleated header, but adds a contemporary touch by binding the top of the pleats.

Question 4: If you could give anyone interior design advice, what would it be?

Answer: I believe wholeheartedly that the key to creating a home that you love always includes a delicate balance of old and new. When I choose the pieces that go into a design project, I ensure that the most touched pieces such as drapes, pillows, and upholstered furniture are durable and preferably new. Life can be messy! In my own home, my toddler, baby, and two labradors rule the roost. It’s important to invest in pieces that can stand up to your lifestyle and look great doing it! That being said, there’s something so thrilling about finding a piece that you love secondhand and incorporating it into your space. Some of my favorite artwork, pieces of furniture, and accessories were collected from thrift stores or estate sales. Visit often for the best finds!

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