What is Drapery Mounting Height and Why is it Important?


Drapery Mounting Height is simply where your drapery rod is installed!

    Drapery Mounting Height is important not only because it elevates the height of your ceilings, but it also makes your windows appear larger. 

      • We recommend mounting your drapery rod at least 8” - 10” above your windows if you have the space available. 
      • Bonus tip - If you have more space available, feel free to mount your drapery rod either halfway or ¾” of the way between the top of the window frame and the ceiling.

      Want to elevate your ceiling height even more? Then mount your hardware 2” - 3” below the ceiling!

        If you have multiple windows in the same space, we recommend mounting the drapery rods at the same height to create a cohesive look and feel in your room. 

            Still not sure where to mount? Feel free to email a picture of your windows to hello@loomdecor.com and we’d be happy to offer our best recommendation.

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