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A peek into our friends from The Quality Edit's Home, come on in!

Step into the charming home of The Quality Edit, where every corner exudes sophistication and style.

Recently, we had the pleasure of refreshing the window treatments in their living room with our custom Flat Roman Shades, and now, we're excited to offer you a sneak peek into the design process!

For these shades, we used our Classic Linen Heathered Flax fabric, a neutral choice that adds warmth and timeless style. With its neutral tones and subtle texture, this fabric allows you to change up your decor or color scheme while still seamlessly matching the aesthetic.

These Flat Roman Shades are designed with functionality in mind. With Privacy Lining, these shades offer more than an upgraded style. They provide protection from the sun, helping to control the temperature inside your home on those hot summer days or from direct harsh sunlight. Plus, they ensure privacy from those curious neighbors going on their nightly walk.

What sets these custom Roman Shades apart even further? They're Cordless, offering both safety and aesthetic perks. While tangled cords may be some people's style, we love the seamless look Cordless shades offer and we personally love not messing with tangled cords anymore!

Our Cordless shades are available in sizes ranging from 18" to 96" in width and crafted on either a 1.5" or 2.5" headrail, meaning these shades are designed to fit seamlessly within your window encasements.

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The Quality Edit wrote a wonderful article detailing their Loom experience, check it out!

Find them on Instagram @TheQualityEdit for more tips and tricks on products and experiences!


How do you define your design style?

We're definitely a bohemian mash-up of a lot of things. I think if we had to put it into words we'd self-describe as Vintage Eclectic. We love pops of color, soft lighting, and personalized touches including cherished family photos and found objects from our world travels.

What advice would you give to someone looking to refresh their window treatments?

Make it a priority! We waited 2 years to change out the existing window treatments that were already installed when we bought our first home. In retrospect I wish we would have prioritized it sooner - it's made such a big immediate impact on our spaces. 

Why did you select the Classic Linen Heathered Flax fabric?

We loved the combination of the texture + color on this particular fabric. There are several naturals in the room so we were a bit concerned it would all blend together too much, but there's just enough color on these that gives them a distinct presence in the space while still feeling light and airy with the linen flax texture. 

If you could give anyone design advice, what would it be?

Either trust in your own taste, or hire externally if you know it's not your strength. I'm blessed to co-partner on all of our design choices with my incredibly talented wife (and TQE Co-founder!) Lee. She has a very strong eye + an uncanny willingness to go dive deep into the recesses of the internet to unearth brand + furniture ideas that most people don't have the patience for. Partnering together on designing our dream home has been a great joy!  If I didn't have Lee by my side, I'd definitely seek out help from a trusted referral.


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