Pillow Placement Guide - for your Sofa!


Elevate your pillow game and showcase your interior design knowledge with confidence!

Are you tired of aimlessly placing decorative pillows on your couches, hoping they'll look as good as they do on all the Instagram accounts you follow? Same here.

It's time to step up your pillow game using strategic couch pillow placement to effortlessly elevate your living room.

Introducing our Sofa Pillow Placement Guide!


Bonus Tip:

Mix and match various fabrics and pillow shapes and sizes to add dimension and depth to your couches. By combining different textures and patterns, you can easily refresh your decor by switching up the arrangement, giving you a new look for every season.

Prefer a neutral and cohesive look? No problem! Select fabrics that harmonize each other, creating a tranquil ambiance that's sure to soothe your senses every time you enter the room.

Or try out our favorite design trend, doubling the amount of pillows necessary and pile them ALL onto your couch for an extremely cozy and plush aesthetic.

No matter your aesthetic or vibe, all of our custom throw pillows are made to order and hand-crafted at Loom Decor, meaning nothing here is mass-produced. With hundreds of fabrics and pattern options, we are sure to find a style unique to you and your home.

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