Rings that Glide & Protect Your Hardware


Our Newport Hardware Line is as beautiful as it is functional. Discover the secret behind our Newport Line below....

Did you know the rings from our Newport Line come with a plastic liner fused to the inside? Yep! But why the plastic liner? The discreet built-in liner allows for a seamless glide along the rod, eliminating any annoying squeaks while also protecting the hardware finish.

When you opt for rings with our Newport hardware collection, you'll receive these special plastic-lined rings as part of the package. Already have your own drapery hardware but curious about these innovative rings? You can also purchase them separately to give them a spin.

Try out our Standard Newport Rings

or our Bypass Newport Rings

Our Newport Hardware line also offers multiple finial and finish options, so you can customize your window treatments to perfectly match your decor scheme.

Our budget-friendly prices also mean you can achieve a luxurious look without breaking the bank.

Experience the perfect blend of beauty and functionality with this Loom Decor exclusive curtain hardware line!

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