What is Drapery Stack?


What is “drapery stack”, you ask? We are here to help explain!

Drapery stack refers to how far your drapery rod will extend on the left and right sides of the windows, or where the drapery panels will “stack” when fully open.

Drapery Stack is important because you want to expose your entire window when your drapery panels are fully open to ensure you are receiving optimal natural light.

Drapery Stack also helps create an illusion of larger windows, which is always a bonus! 

    We recommend extending your rod 8” - 10” on the left and right sides of your windows if you have the space available. 

    Bonus Tip: If you have more space available, feel free to extend your rod 15” - 20” on either side to make a drapery statement!
      Still not sure what to do? Feel free to email a picture of your windows to hello@loomdecor.com and we’d be happy to offer our best recommendation.

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