Now Introducing: Cafe Curtains


Cafe Curtains: Where Trendiness Meets Timelessness

Now introducing Cafe Curtains! We've been custom crafting them for years, and it's time to make it official - they're now part of our collection for everyone to order.

The Versatile Solution

Cafe Curtains, or half curtains, are the best solution for creating the perfect balance between privacy and welcoming warm natural light into your space. These short, versatile curtains are not just a window treatment, they're a window statement to set your style apart.

Cafe Curtains are great for kitchens, closets, breakfast nooks, bathrooms, above the sink, and more. Not only do they provide the perfect amount of privacy, they also bring a timeless charm to any room.

Privacy with a Dash of Sunshine

The beauty of Cafe Curtains lies in their ability to let the sun shine in from the top of the window, while still providing that much-needed privacy for the lower half. Ideal for those moments when you want to dash out of the tub in your birthday suit, change in your closet while still having enough natural light to see, or sip your morning coffee in peace - all while shielded from those early-morning walkers.

Our blackout Cafe Curtains offer the most privacy and light filtration, while sheer Cafe Curtains offer a translucent window treatment that still lets plenty of light in.

How to Measure & Order

Width: Simply enter the width of the window - that's it! We'll account for the fullness on our end.

Length: We recommend mounting your Cafe Curtains either halfway or 3/4 of the way down your window, and having them just graze the bottom of your window sill.

Choose from our extensive range of Loom Decor fabrics to perfectly complement your space and style. Not seeing the fabric or pleat style of your choice? No problem! Reach out to us at and we'd be happy to create your custom look from any of the fabrics or pleat styles we offer.

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