Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Woven Wood Shades

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In the 2020s, interior decor has gravitated toward welcoming a more eclectic and nature-inspired look into our homes. Botanical prints, earthy tones, and contrasting textures have taken the front row seat in on-trend design choices- and we can’t say we’re upset about that! Nothing speaks to all of these elements quite like woven wood roman shades, also known as matchstick shades or natural shades. These unique window treatments are by no means new to the interior design world, but they have been on an uptick in the last few years, thanks to the more earthy trends that have taken over.

What are woven shades?

Woven wood shades are just like traditional shades; they mount the same, serve the same purpose, and have the same options (such as size and privacy options). What sets them apart is that rather than being made from the traditional shade options, like fabric, vinyl, or paper, they are made of- you guessed it- wood! It is common for woven shades to also include other types of natural materials. Because of this, they are also an environmentally conscious choice. Loom Decor’s woven shades are made of bamboo, rattan, reeds, jutes, grasses, and woods. Compared to tree wood, these materials require less water and are quicker to grow. Classic woven shades are crafted by hand braiding and weaving these natural fibers together. Some boast intricate detailing and are composed of a blend of different sizes and types of materials, while others feature a single type of wood consistently, resembling a more traditional window shade. See some examples of this difference below:

Pictured: swatches of our Natural Woven Shade in Lanai - Gold Luster (left), and our Natural Woven Shade in Hana - Tranquil (right)

How do they work?

We know interior style isn’t one-size-fits-all- that’s why our roman wood shades are fully customizable to be the perfect fit for your home and personal taste.

Choose from:

  1. 10 finish options
  2. Waterfall roman shades or valance roman shades
  3. Inside or outside mount
  4. Privacy lining: unlined, privacy, or blackout
  5. Corded or cordless
  6. Custom sizing

Install/ Care

Don’t be intimidated- these shades aren’t designed to be complicated to install yourself or to maintain. We made sure they install just like any other shade would, despite looking like so much more. Use the manufacturer’s detailed PDF guide to learn everything you need to know about how to install, use, maintain, and care for your custom wood shades. Note that not all options in the installation guide are available. Please reference your item’s product description for exact product specifications. Feel free to contact a stylist if you have any questions!

Because of the natural materials used to craft woven wood shades, it is advised to keep them from being submerged in water and out of excessive direct sunlight. Also, keep in mind that the materials they are made of are breakable if treated roughly, so they should not be used in spaces where they may get damaged (think kids’ rooms, low windows, etc.) Avoid installing them in bathrooms and any other spaces with lots of moisture. Occasional gentle feather dusting should be enough to keep them looking clean and new.

How and where can I style them?

So now that you get the gist of what these beautiful shades are and how they work, let’s talk about the fun part: how to style them, and what spaces they are best suited for. 

Our wood window shades are available in two styles: waterfall roman shades and valance roman shades. This decision is almost entirely cosmetic and is up to your personal taste. Choosing the valance option generally makes the window fitting look more complete on its own, whereas the waterfall style may be better suited if you’re planning to layer drapes or curtains on the same window.

There are limitless options for styling your new woven wood shades. Luckily, these stylish window treatments do a lot of the work for you. Given the range of textures and finishes we have available, there’s a woven wood shade to suit any space. For example, the light oak shades of our Selaru - Shell shade would be perfect in a cottage-inspired, country, or rustic space. Or, if modern/ contemporary is more your style, our Anguilla - Moonstone shade is the perfect fit. With this soft gray you can still maintain that relaxed, monochromatic color scheme that is so essential in modern decor, while still adding a hint of texture and nature. Layering sheer or lightweight drapes over any of our wood shades is an excellent way to create additional texture and movement in your space and create a breezy, cottagey look- perfect for spring and summer. The high functionality of these shades makes them an excellent choice for spaces where you plan on raising and lowering them often, like bedroom and living spaces. Additionally, with the multiple levels of privacy lining we have available, you don’t have to be concerned about unwanted light leaking in or nosy neighbors no matter what room(s) you install them in!

Why choose woven woods?

Now that you’re an expert in woven wood blinds, you may be wondering what’s next; if you should take the final step toward investing in new custom window treatments from Loom Decor and how the whole process works. When you order from Loom Decor, you can feel confident that your purchase helps support:

  • A small, USA based company.
  • Fair wages for all of our employees and craftspeople.
  • Skilled artisans and tradespeople that hand make all of our fabric products in our Massachusetts warehouse.
We at Loom Decor also understand that ordering items for your home online without seeing them in person first can be tricky- and a bit intimidating! That’s why our stylists work 1 on 1 with our customers to provide a personalized shopping experience and to provide any assistance/ answer any questions you may have. We also highly encourage you to order plenty of swatches before deciding on a color for any of our products so you can see what they look like in person instead of on-screen, in your home lighting, and with your current colors and decor. No matter what you choose to order from Loom Decor, whether it’s our Woven Wood Naturals, or another one of our products, know that we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

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