3 Tiers of Spring Bedroom Refresh (and How to Do Them!)


Winter’s cold clutch is finally letting go and spring is in the air! It’s time to start thinking about how you can get those dreary winter blues out of your bedroom. Spring cleaning doesn't have to just be dusting and sorting through your closets, why not use it as an excuse to give your room a different style? Now is a better time than ever to try something new and welcome some fresh colors and fabrics into your sleeping space.

Loom Decor recommends 3 tiers of decor changes you can do to make your bedroom feel refreshed and ready for warmer, brighter days. Decide what level of a spring refresh you're itching for then follow Loom’s spring style suggestions below:

Tier 1: A Simple Swap

Keep it simple and start by just swapping your current throw pillows! All of our square throw pillows are available in 5 sizes to suit any space, and feature swappable, removable zippered covers. Try something new and give your bed the designer’s touch by centering an oversized bolster or lumbar pillow in your pillow display. Add coordinating pillows to any chairs or couches in your bedroom to give the whole space consistency and color.

Tier 2: Bedding Refresh

If changing out a couple of pillows just doesn’t do the trick, it might be time to invest in a new, quality bed set. Loom offers a variety of options for your new spring bedding in our collection of gorgeous and luxurious fabrics. Our custom duvet covers are the perfect way to give your bed an entirely new look while keeping your current duvet- perfect for a seasonal style change. For a complete and designer-inspired pillow display, add a few of our euro shams in matching or complementing fabrics with your standard pillows. We recommend 2-3 euro pillows (depending on the size of your bed) both behind and in front of your sleeping pillows. Lastly, add a ruffle bedskirt to give your bed that finishing touch. Using a bedskirt can also help your spring cleaning last longer because they keep the underside of your bed cleaner. They also block dust, plus cover unsightly storage, box springs, and bed posts!

Tier 3: Total Bedroom Makeover

If you’re totally bored of everything to do with your current bedroom setup, maybe it’s time for a total bedroom overhaul and redo! Loom doesn't just make pillows and bedding, we also offer multiple styles of drapery and shades that you can fully coordinate with all of your new bed fabrics. Spring bedroom decor is all about soft colors and dainty patterns, while still maintaining a cozy and inviting atmosphere you’d expect from a sleeping space. Elegant tulip style shades or long, flowing drapes in lightweight linen, cotton, sheer fabrics will accentuate your windows while still allowing plenty of fresh air and sunlight to filter in.

We also offer a variety of unique styles of pillows on the site that can add a unique and personal flair to your new bedroom design. Poufs are effortless pieces that primarily function as an ottoman, but thanks to their structured yet plush design, are easily portable and versatile. Add them next to any bedroom seating for an added footrest or decor placement. Our outdoor variety would be the perfect addition to a bedroom balcony space as it can be moved inside the room as well. Our 2 varieties of floor pillows are another fun option to add to your bedroom. Their oversized and plush designs are ideal for use in front of fireplaces, reading nooks, children’s sleepovers, and anything else you choose. Their portability allows them to be used in any room of the house as well.

No matter which level of bedroom refresh you go with, Loom Decor’s high quality investment pieces are sure to last for seasons to come. If you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our collection, or have a specific vision in mind, Loom also offers all of our products to be custom made. Whatever you envision for your perfect spring bed bedroom look, Loom Decor has you covered!

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