Our Styles of Roman Shades


Roman shades are a great window treatment option for rooms that do not have enough space for draperies, or any room that has a more modern, clean feel. There are many styles of roman shades and we are happy to offer three distinct styles of fabric roman shades at Loom Decor: Flat Roman Shades, Relaxed Roman Shades, and Tulip Roman Shades. And an insider tip - we plan to offer additional styles of woven wood shades this year! 

Choosing a style of roman shade depends on your aesthetic preferences and also upon your intended use of the shade. Different shade styles require more work to train and style, and this is something to consider when planning your space.


Flat Roman Shade

Our flat roman shade is our most popular shade and also the most user-friendly. Flat roman shades have a straight weighted bar on the bottom that keeps fabric hanging evenly and keeps your shade looking neat. The flat style requires minimal training to fold properly and can be very easily opened and closed. These shades are also our most modern looking shade. Perfect for windows where a shade will be opened and closed frequently, you can’t go wrong with a flat fold roman shade.

Relaxed Roman Shade

Our relaxed roman shade is a less modern take on the roman shade. This shade curves at the bottom, for a soft and casual look. This style of shade requires some training of the folds. After raising and lowering the shade the folds will need to be restyled to ensure that they lay properly. For this reason, we recommend this style for shades that are not raised and lowered on a daily basis.

Tulip Roman Shade

Our tulip roman shade is the most traditional and elegant style of roman shade that we offer. These shades feature inverted pleats that give the shade a flowing appearance. This style of shade is primarily used decoratively, as the folds will need restyling after they are raised and lowered, even more so than our relaxed roman shade. 

Mount Type and Cord Location

All of our roman shades can be ordered as inside mount roman shades or outside mount roman shades. Inside mounted shades are installed inside the window frame and do not extend past the window molding at all. Outside mounted roman shades are installed above the window and generally extend a few inches past the window molding. We recommend an outside mount for black out shades, to ensure that light does not seep through the edges of the shade.

All of our roman shades can be ordered as cordless, or with the cord on the right side or left side. All of our cords meet the latest safety standards by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission & Window Covering Manufacturers Association.

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