Window Treatment Lining Options


Not sure which lining to go with? Not sure what lining is? We can help with that!

“Lining” is a material sewn into the back of a shade or drapery to control light filtering, provide insulation, and add structure.

At Loom Decor, we offer Unlined, Privacy Lining, and Blackout Lining to fit all of your custom window treatment needs:

Unlined window treatments will allow beautiful light to filter through the shades and also create a more relaxed look when it comes to your drapery. 

    Privacy lining will allow light to filter through but also provide complete privacy.

        • Ideal for closets, bathrooms and personal spaces. 
        • Privacy lining can also help cool down your space by minimizing direct sunlight. 
        • Adding privacy lining to your window treatments will help ensure that they last for years to come, as the lining will protect the window treatments from direct sunlight.

      Blackout lining will be completely opaque and block sunlight from filtering through. 

          • Ideal option for bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, or spaces you would like to block out extra harsh sunlight for a cooler space. 


        Want help deciding which lining to select? Schedule a design consultation with us where we can walk you through the whole process!

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