Back to School Prep


We can’t believe it’s that time of year again, but it’s time for back to school!

Start this year off prepared for the most important part of the day - bedtime.

With Twin XL bedding, custom pillows, and blackout drapery, we are sure to help you get your best night's sleep. 

Don’t arrive at college with the wrong type of bedding. Most dorm rooms have Twin XL beds, meaning you need extra long bedding to accommodate your new bedroom oasis.

Your dorm bed will be the main focal point of your room and serve not only as your bed, but also as a part time couch, table, and desk.

With that said, make sure your bedding is as stylish as it is functional. A duvet cover is an optimal choice for dorm rooms as you can wash the outer layer while keeping your comforter clean.

Choose from hundreds of fabric options to create a space that feels like home to you. 

    Now, onto the pillows!

    From throw pillows to floor pillows, we have all the styles you need for your dorm room.

    Stack them up on your bed to create a part time couch, or pile them up on the floor for Netflix and chill nights.

    To create an optimal sleeping space, we recommend blackout drapery panels to block out the bright sunlight to create a darker sleeping environment.

    Personalize your dorm room by showing off your style. Select from hundreds of fabric options for your curtain panels to make your room stand out from the rest.

    With custom bedding, pillows, and custom blackout curtains, not only will you sleep soundly, but also have the most aesthetically pleasing room on the floor.  

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