Picking Your Pillow Sizes


Accent pillows are not only a great way to elevate a space, but they are also one of the easiest decor items to swap out based on season or design updates in your home. Pillow covers can be swapped for holiday pillow covers, seasonal pillow cases, or just to match a new sofa in your home. Once you have a good set of pillow inserts, the world of pillow covers is your oyster. 

Curating your collection of pillow inserts is a one time investment that will last you for years and can be used with any assortment of covers. Our pillows can be purchased with a down pillow insert, a poly fiber pillow insert, or as only the cover if you already have inserts at home. 

Read on to see three popular combinations of throw pillow sizes for a standard size sofa:

The Beginner

A great place to start when adding throw pillows to your sofa is to place one 18” x 18” throw pillow on each end. 18” x 18” is our most popular square pillow size. This basic styling will introduce a pop of color to your sofa.

The Intermediate

Take the beginner to the next level by adding larger pillows behind the 18” pillows, like a 22” x 22” or a 24” x 24”. These should also introduce a pattern or texture different than your first pair of pillows. For example, mix a solid with a fun print, or mix a velvet or woven fabric in with cotton pillows.

The Designer

To really give your sofa a designer touch, add a large lumbar pillow to the center. Two 22” throw pillows, two 18” throw pillows, and a 12x24” large lumbar pillow will fill your sofa with pillow-y goodness and will give your guests the impression that a stylist helped you pull your room together. 

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