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When ordering the custom drapery of your dreams from Loom Decor, there are certainly lots of elements to consider! Choosing the perfect, high quality fabric(s) to use in your new window fixtures is, of course, the most exciting part of the process (don’t forget your swatches!), but choosing the proper mounting style and hardware for your custom made curtains is equally important.

Hardware adds the finishing touches to your window curtain design. Whether you opt for sleek and simplistic ripplefold drapery, or traditional pinch pleat drapery, the style, color, and accents of your hardware can create an entirely different look in the finished window.

Before we jump into the specifics of our curtain mounting hardware, let’s go over some of our drapery accessories:


Drapery holdbacks have one simple purpose: to hold a curtain panel open. This drapery hardware is typically made of metal and comes in the shape of a hook or a circle. Tieback styles also exist, usually in the form of an ornate rope.

Curtain pullbacks are mounted on either side of the window and create a more formal and finished look for your window decor. This curtain hardware is best for window drapery that stays open, such as layered curtains, grommet drapery, back tab drapery, and rooms that you want to let a lot of light in. Pullbacks are also especially helpful in windows that get a strong breeze, as they help to hold the window fixtures in place and prevent excess movement.

Designer tip: Curtain holdbacks are generally placed approximately ⅓ of the length of the drapery from the bottom. For example, if your window curtains are 6 feet long, your holdbacks should be mounted 2 feet from the bottom of the curtain.

Loom Decor Drapery Hooks Holdbacks

Drapery Rings

While certain styles of drapery can be hung directly onto a curtain pole, such as grommet style curtains and back tab curtains, others require additional hardware to attach them to the rod. Drapery rings are used to hang our more sophisticated styles of custom curtains from the curtain rod of your choice and are available in two styles: standard and bypass.

Standard drapery rings are designed to be versatile and flattering in almost any window. They feature removable clips for easy installation and loop rings for a more discrete style- the choice is yours! Standard rings are best for curtain rods 65" in length or less. 

Loom Decor Standard Drapery Rings

Bypass drapery rings offer the same flexibility as our standard rings by offering removable clips or loops for mounting, but feature a C-shape rather than an O. This allows the curtain to glide past brackets easily, making bypass rings ideal for larger window curtains that may have additional brackets. Bypass, or C-rings, are best for curtain rods 66" in length or longer.

Loom Decor Bypass Drapery Rings

Now that you know all about the little details you can choose for your new custom window curtains, we can explore the different curtain mounting hardware offered here at Loom Decor.

Curtain Rods

You’re probably well aware of what curtain rods are already- rods that hold up your curtains! As with all curtain customizations, the options are endless when it comes to curtain pole colors, styles, sizes, materials, and function. Some drapery rods are adjustable, some are fixed length, some are tension mount, and most are mounted using brackets. Curtain rods are the most popular option for hanging window treatments since they are easy to install, swappable, functional, and highly customizable.

What really makes a curtain rod stand out is its finials. Curtain rod finials, also called curtain rod end caps, are the decorative end pieces found on either side of a curtain rod. They help to hold your custom curtain panels in place and add an extra touch of personalization to the window treatment.

Drapery finials come in hundreds of different designs that range from minimalistic cap styles to glamorous crystal ball curtain rods. Loom Decor’s curtain rods come with a variety of finials to perfectly complement the drapery you’ll be hanging from them. We do not sell finials separately.

All curtain rods available at Loom Decor are available in 5 metal finishes, come with your choice of ring style, are available with a variety of finial options, and may be ordered in custom fixed or adjustable sizes. Curtain rods can be used with our convertible, grommet, pinch pleat, back tab, and euro pleat drapery.

Loom Decor Newport Custom Cut Curtain Rod with Lowell Finials in Antique Brass

Track Hardware

Loom Decor offers two different curtain track hardware systems to go with the coordinating drapery styles: ripplefold track hardware for our ripplefold drapes and pleated track hardware for our euro and pinch pleat drapes. This mount style is specially designed for drapery that spans a large area without losing functionality. A curtain track system is ideal for hanging curtains in sliding patio doors, balcony doors, bay/ bow windows, glass walls, or any large window or opening.

Both styles of drapery tracks can be wall or ceiling mounted. This style of hardware allows the drapes to glide smoothly and effortlessly along the aluminum track. Our custom curtain hardware leaves everything up to you: choose the length of the curtain track, the baton length, closure style, and more.

Loom Decor Ripplefold Drapery Track Hardware

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the mount style and hardware of your ideal window treatments, and it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all process. Some spaces may require multiple different styles of drapery in order to achieve the perfect look and level of functionality. Still not sure how to measure your windows? Can’t quite figure out the difference between pinch pleat and euro pleat drapes? Loom Decor’s stylists are drapery pros, so they’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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