Loom Decor Woven Wood Shades


Did you know Loom Decor offers Woven Wood Shades? It’s true!

Bring a touch of nature into your home with our new line of Woven Wood Shades. These natural shades are constructed from natural bamboo, reeds, jutes, rattan, grasses and woods. A perfect compliment to a coastal design style, or a warm contrast to a clean and modern aesthetic.

Offered in a Cord Lock or Cordless option and Waterfall or Valance style.

    Woven Wood Shades are the perfect way to add instant warmth and texture to any space.

    Create a cozy cabin feel with our darker woven wood materials such as Nagoya, Kashmir, Tranquil or Gold Luster. 

      Or create a coastal aesthetic with our lighter woven wood tones including Mali Tan, Anguilla Moonstone, and Selaru Cotton.


      Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of our Woven Wood shade selections.

      Learn more about caring for and installing your new natural woven shades on our blog: Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Woven Wood Shades.

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      Woven Wood Shade Swatches | Loom Decor

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