Your Drapery Investment: Quality Over Bargain Prices


Quality Drapery, Made to Last!

We know we may not be the most affordable option when it comes to custom drapery, but that's because we prioritize quality over cheap prices!

Find out why...

1. High Quality Fabrics

We want to make sure your drapery doesn't look "cheap"! Our selection of high quality fabrics ensures durability and an aesthetic that won't fade with trends. Click the button below to view all of our fabric swatches.

2. Made by Hand

Our drapery is proudly made by hand with sewing machines that have been around for years - probably older than the person reading this blog!

This hand made dedication means your drapery is crafted to withstand the test of time, not just the next few seasons!

3. Locally Made

We're not just about quality, we're also about supporting our local community! Every drapery panel is made at our workroom - a historical textile mill in Massachusetts - contributing to our community's growth and creating jobs. Each set of drapery we sell means we can support more members of our local community.

4. Years of Expertise

With years of expertise under our belt, our artisans deliver nothing but excellence. When it's from us, it's the best!

5. Free Design Consultations

Need help navigating the measuring and ordering process? We've got you covered with free Design Consultations! Our Stylist will guide you through everything, ensuring your new drapery suits your space flawlessly.

 Schedule today - for free!

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