3 Ways to Style a Bolster Pillow


No matter if your decor scheme leans toward traditional, contemporary, rustic, or somewhere in between, the throw pillow is a vital element to pulling together any room design. But that doesn’t mean that every decorative pillow in your home has to be a classic square throw pillow- what’s the fun in that? Loom Decor’s extensive collection of bolster pillows allows you to introduce an unexpected twist to your decor. These long round pillows offer a unique cylindrical silhouette that is both unique and refreshing when placed with square and rectangular pillows.

Loom Decor’s bolster pillows are available in almost all of our luxury designer fabrics and come in 3 sizes. Whether you’re looking for a long bolster pillow in a bold animal print to stand out on your new sofa, or small bolster pillows in classic cabana stripes to accent your outdoor living space, we've got it.

Brown bedding


Bolster Pillows as a Centerpiece

It’s hard for a bolster pillow to not stand out- even in a sea of throw pillows. Give your “hotdog pillow” the attention it deserves by making it the centerpiece of your furniture setting.

To make a bolster cushion the centerpiece of your bedding decor, line up your usual pillow shams against the headboard, then layer two euro shams next to each other in front of that. Finally, lay the bolster pillow in front to finish the look. Together, this style has tons of visual interest thanks to the multiple different pillow shapes and potential for pattern play.

On a sofa, chaise, or loveseat, toss the bolster pillow in the center of the furniture piece and place a layer (or two!) of matching throw pillows on either side. Once again, this look allows for the use of tons of different patterns, textures, and colors while still utilizing a bolster as the focal point of the look.

Bolster Pillows as Statement Decor

Rolling into another way to style your bolster pillows, an extra long bolster pillow, like our 9'' x 48'' bolster, can serve as a bold statement piece. Center one of these long cylinder pillows on any bed, daybed, or sofa and let it stand solo as the focal point.

To add a little balance to your bedding that doesn’t take away from the bolster cushion itself, use neutral or muted colors and patterns on your pillow shams, then let the bolster do the talking. Try a daring and unexpected pattern like our Tobi Fairley La Petit Roche in Jade for an artistic edge, or any of our luxurious Classic Velvet bolster pillows for a statement pillow that is simultaneously bold yet elegant.

If your furniture or bedding already features lively patterns or colors, placing a solid bolster pillow in Classic Linen or a modest pattern, like our Baldwin stripe, can be equally as striking.

Bench with bolster pillows

Bolster Pillows as Accents

So far we’ve discussed how the bold shape of a bolster cushion can serve as an eye-catching focal point in any room, but these versatile cylinder pillows can also be used as subtle accents on any piece of furniture. Beds and couches get most of the focus when it comes to decorating, but bolster pillows can serve as appealing accents on chairs, daybeds, and recliners as well.

On a bench or low profile sofa, adding two identical bolster pillows on the ends to serve as armrests can add comfort and character to an otherwise basic piece of furniture. Or, add a short bolster pillow to your favorite recliner, desk chair, or papasan chair to add detail in any space as well as some lumbar support. We love the look of a traditional floral bolster pillow, like our Fleur De Leaf fabric in Blossom or a modern trellis pillow like Frame Plan in Aquatint to add color and vibrancy anywhere in the home.

Don’t forget that any of these styling tips can be taken to your outdoor living areas as well, thanks to our collection of Sunbrella® fabrics and outdoor bolster pillows. Our bolster pillows look just as good on a cozy sectional as they do on a rattan patio setting!

Designer Tip:

To make your bolsters pop on any bed, be sure to follow our general sizing guide:

  • 8” x 24” for full size beds
  • 9” x 36” for queen size beds
  • 9” x 48” for king size beds
Bolster pillow sizes on couch & bed

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