Shades for Doors - How Does That Work?


Can you put a shade on a door? The simple answer is yes, you can!

At Loom Decor, we are here to help you with the ordering process - step by step.

A Door Shade will be an "Outside Mount" shade.

First, we will measure the "width" of the shade. To do this, measure the width of the glass and add 1/2" - 1" on the left and right sides for the shade to overlap.

Next, measure the length of the glass and add 2" - 3" to the top of the shade for installation purposes, and 1" to the bottom of the shade for the shade to overlap.

We typically recommend doing Cordless shades for doors, but if you decide to do a Chain Loop mechanism, we recommend doing the Chain Loop on the opposite side of the door handle.

Now that you have your measurements, it is time for the fun part - design!

With hundreds of fabric options, you can either select a neutral fabric to fit in with your space, or select a fun color or pattern to make a statement on your door. Either way, you can't go wrong!

    Custom Roman Shades | Loom Decor


    Still need some help? No problem! Schedule a design consultation with us where we can walk you through the measuring and ordering process - free of charge!

    Schedule a Design Consultation | Loom Decor

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