Influencer Spotlight: The Tidy Home Nashville


Enter the design realm of Ea, also known as @thetidyhomenashville on Instagram.

We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with Ea delving into her design preferences. Here are some of her enlightening insights that provide a glimpse into her creative process and inspirations.

Question 1: Where do you find design inspiration?

We follow so many different accounts on Instagram that really play with color + texture. That's something that we hope to bring into all of our designs is a playful touch of decor that keeps your home uniquely you! Building on neutrals with classy pops of color is *chefs kiss*!

Question 2: How do you balance aesthetic appeal with practical functionality in your home?

The number one thing we believe is that the more you love your home, the more you'll keep it together! If you know the potential of your home, you can start to understand that it can be a place that is tidy + beautiful. We live in such a great time where furniture pieces and decor accents add to a space, giving more storage than taking away from the functionality of the space.

Question 3: Why did you pick the Classic Linen Heathered Flax and Classic Linen Blush fabrics?

These pieces were such a nice, neutral addition to Ea's peaceful + cozy bedroom. Ea's primary bedroom has dark anchoring pieces, like the bed and dresser, so bringing in lighter tones really balanced the room. Ea loves gold + turquoise so much, so adding that touch of blush, really accentuated her fun pieces! When you have as much art + gorgeous framed photos as Ea, you really need a nice neutral duvet color to add to those pieces, not taking away from them!

Question 4: If you could give anyone design advice, what would it be?

Don't be afraid to try new things! It's so easy to play things safe when it comes to designing a room, but the more you push for color + balancing textures and patterns, the more a room feels complete; it's such a great feeling!

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California King Duvet Cover, in our Classic Linen Heathered Flax fabric



Bed Pillow Shams - Classic Linen Heathered Flax



Bolster Pillow - Size 9" x 36", in our Classic Linen Blush fabric



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