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Enter the design world of Cristin Cooper, or as you know her on Instagram @cristincooper!

We were truly flattered when Cristin told us she was moving and wanted to order the same Loom Decor drapery that she currently had because she loved them THAT much. I mean, what better review could we ask for?!

Cristin selected our Euro Pleat Drapery with Privacy Lining in our stunning Classic Linen Oat fabric.

Our Classic Linen Oat fabric is a great neutral fabric that is soft, warm, and the perfect fabric selection if you're looking for something you'll love for years to come.

Made from a high-quality linen blend, this fabric exudes a sophisticated, high-end look. Perfect for any timeless design.

We were thrilled to be a part of Cristin's design journey for her new home, and while we can take credit for the custom drapery, the design was all Cristin!

Find her on Instagram @cristincooper!

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Check out Cristin's blog detailing her design and ordering process - plus some great tips and tricks!


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